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Welcome to MANKU Repairing & Agricultural Works.  

NKN Mechanical Works - Sunam is one of the leading manufacturers and Supplier of wide range of hydraulic jacks, since 2004. NKN Mechanical Works was started under the able leadership & guidence of Mr. Narinder Singh, later his younger brothers Kulbir Singh and Nirmal Singh joined him in this business.

NKN Mechanical Works have carved a remarkable place for our company in the agricultural industry as the company is largest supplier of hydraulic jacks to agriculture industry. These jacks are used in Combine Harvesters, Tractor Attachments, Laser Land Levelers, etc. Apart from Agriculture sector our product are used in Industrial and Engineering applications also. Read More...



  • Tested & Approved by Govt. of Punjab.

  • Tested & Approved by Ministry of Agriculture.

  • More Than 7 years of experience.

  • Economical Agricultural Products.

  • State of Art Infrastructure.

  • Authorised to use Quality Mark.

  • Large Dealership Network.

  • Able to execute bulk orders.
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